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      Sunset? Yes - Ocean? No     Beach flames     One man's garbage     Water reflections green     Water reflections blue     Blue stone - Red stone     Happy tug boat     Bump in the night     Too much red wine?     Alien terrain    

Rock stars     Sam led 1     Mini-van     We three trees     Sam led 2     Street. Car. Lights.     Good source of colour     Wind in colour     Playdough Impression 1     Festival of Lights    

Lights, more lights     Frame Star     Frame Star 2     Lensbaby tree     Wall shadow     Abstract fork     Take the skinheads...     7K 4 10K - Motion     Speed - close up     Martini sky at Souz Dal    

Beach fireworks in the wind     Red pin block     Pin block self portrait     Happy Halloween 2005     Abstract Glow 1     Bata blues     Winter green     Winter green 2     DailySnap Garage lines     Red molten ball    

Gold world ball     West end rocket     Stay at home dad     Abstract 1     Abstract 2     Abstract in BLUE     Abstract in PURPLE     Bowling Stars     Bowling Abstract     Green texture    

Solaas - Basement faucet     Green Playground Pole     Brickworks gate     Nuit Blanche blur light     Mystery Colours     Party balloon colours     Neighbour's leaves     Ansel Adams | Alfred Eisendstaedt     Alfred Eisendstaedt Red Hair     Candle Closeup    

Candle Closeup 2     Sunroof Rain     High lights     Cold hill     bluE wavEs 1     bluE wavEs 2     Simcoe Green     Elmvale Zoo neck     Double-decker red     Tent de Soleil    

Rusty Rake     Green bridge     25 years ago - The English Beat     Simcoe ice     ManyEyes visualization cloud     ManyEyes visualization tree     Sherwood Park Winter Trees 1     Sherwood Park Winter Trees 2     Phun Chains     Zoom wheel    

Brickworks and orange     Brickworks square     Yellow cone thing     Spring looking up     Muskoka chair rose     Beach giraffe     Under giraffe     Over giraffe     Little beach pinecone     AGO Gehry Blue Wall    

AGO Grange Roof     Snowy Grass     Holman Hunt -  Palette     Holman Hunt -  Paints     ROM Pattern     Riverdale light     Halloween Pattern     ROM Green Stairwell     St. Clements stage     ROM Red and Orange    

ROM Spirit House Chairs     Red and green Kaifu Si Temple     Brigden Fall Fair wheel     Brigden Fall Fair slide     October field     October pumpkin     Copper Sheet - ROM     Happy Mothers Day!     Mount Pleasant blossoms     Beltline Shadow    

Cottage shadows     Flower Sara Dirt     IKEA Chair (instagram)     Backyard Holiday Lights     Napanee Holiday Lights     Ceiling fans     Yorkdale Foodcourt Lights     Balm Beach Stones     Overprocessed Sunset     Winter Miata pattern    

Cottage candle     No go-carts in the rain     Bamboo Cups     Red tomatoes     Aquarium Eye     Aquarium stones     Aquarium meta-photo     Sushi plates - Yume Kobou    
      Dinner in red     Antique dome     Bridge rust     Boat house green     Round window     Lighthouse close up     Chicago skyline     Brickworks sunrise     Consumers flowers     Painted wall    

Decay of the Church     Church window     Green bridge 1     Church shapes     Green bridge 2     Consumers clock     Eglinton 'e'     Yonge Eglinton shapes     Barn     We DO call it     

Northern (hall) lights     Toronto city hall     Napanee window     Napanee roofs     Napanee window 2     Greater     Paisley     Strand Theatre     Enoch windows     Michael A. Lee-Chin Crystal ROM 1    

Michael A. Lee-Chin Crystal ROM 2     ROM Ceiling 1     Carlton roof     Church hands     Church shapes     Kingston buildings          NOT the Distillery District     Allan s Puddle     Door door    

Blue and green textured wall     Number Nine     ROM Ceiling Combo     Centre     Brickworks light     Brickworks X     Old City Hall W     Once was windows     Door door too     Twice a house    

Four-38     Necropolis vines     Necropolis roof     Don Valley All     Subway Skyway     Massey Face     Massey Flowers     Massey Statue     Sun Grid     Ernest Hemingway lived here    

Roof patterns     Bridge Lines     Queens Park ceiling     Osgoode iron fence     Osgoode Hall Library Ceiling     Bad roof     Museum Roof     Kensington Market Door 3     Ottawa curves     Work stairs    

York Theatre     York Theatre too     Work stairs too     Curtain 4     Window blue     Bread wall     Bata Headquarters     Bata sky     Parkhurst window     Garage birdhouse    

Garage trees     St. George's 1877 noise     St. Monica's church window     NTCI orange door and stairs     Coin Laundry blues     Demo house     Church night steps     C-food     Ocean Garage too     Dressing and    

Park bench blues     No parking blues     Caledonia 1144     Caledonia Owl     Tower     Bathurst green window     Tattoo colours     Newburgh wall     Lawrence Park Apartments     Edward Muir gardens (old)    

Gable snakes     Riverdale bridge     St. Pauls School     Solaas - Eglinton 'e'     Toronto water tower     AGO Transformation monitor     Ghanim House Sign     Ghanim House Sun     Ghanim House Slice     Brickworks wall    

TTC Roof panels     Apartment Blocks     Rethink Space     Brickworks broken window     Window Vines     Jilly's Faces     Stock Exchange clock     Design Exchange sustainable house     Bay Street blue 1     Bay Street blue 2    

Royal Bank reflection     Royal Bank brass     Royal Bank blues     Pool doors     Sutton school at dusk     Toronto Wall Flowers     Tenant Parking     Lane Rain     Sharon Temple     Keeping Cool    

Yellow wall, red car     Ottawa flags     Big arch     Underbridge     Shuter Sign     Shuter Window     Drink Coca-Cola     Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library     Pleasant French Cemetery     AGO trees - 1    

AGO trees - 2     Seven crowns     Donnelly at night     Education Centre     Berkley Diamond     Berkley Trio     Berkley Color     Sunnybrook Auditor     Balm Beach Blue     Balm Beach Blue Too    

Looking north     Bloor 390     Eglinton Park building     Eglinton Station pillars     Kingston Square     Emily Carr Room     Dundas Square Grey     Sudo on Second Life     Napanee Red Trio     Blue grid building    

Tasty Restaurant     Forest Hill 320     OAA Outside     OAA Stairs     Moatfield green     Noor vines     Noor chains     Noor 1963     Noor full     ROM Crystal Opening    

ROM Crystal Top     Conservatory reflection     Uber Eyes     Uber Bridge     Edwards vines 1     Edwards Trio     Queen Street Reflections     Not the River     Beltline over-bridge     St. Jude's chair    

Cranley flowers     Cranley mews bike     Dora House entry     St. Augustine Brickwork     London blocks     Mint Flag     london Apple Store     Yellow Door Number 4     Canary Up     Canary Side    

Ludlow Door     Ludlow Window Vines     Ludlow Castle flowers     Ludlow Castle chairs     Rowden Mill train station     Winter lodge     Natural History Museum Stonework 1     Natural History Museum Stonework 2     Natural History Museum Faces     Natural History Museum Fishes    

Natural History Museum Finish     Brickworks looking up     Mandir Dome and Flag     Mandir Domes from farther back     Monochrome elephants     Mandir pattern     Mandir stairs     BAPS Mandir sitting     Ottawa Blue Reflection     Library of Parliament and the Centre Block    

Green Roofs at the Canadian Museum of Civilization     Toronto Chinatown yellow wall     AGO ramp     AGO Grange Staircase     AGO Walker Court     Umbra wall slats     Blue barber     Moonstone Grain Love     Moonstone Grain Escape     Moonstone Grain Reflection    

Moonstone Grain Window Too     Moonstone Grain Ceiling     Moonstone 'You List With'     Moonstone Chimney     Moonstone Door     Moonstone Transom     Moonstone Blues     Collingwood Roof Line     Collingwood Post Office     Collingwood Post Office columns    

Sarnia blues     Sarnia dormer     Sarnia Vent     Sarnia Old Door 1     Sarnia Old Door 2     Midland Bowling 1     Riverdale fence     ROM Vanity Fair portraits     ROM C5 Restaurant     Waldorf  Wreath    

Bergdorf  Wreaths     ROM Rotunda ceiling     ROM Rotunda East     ROM Rotunda Pillar     ROM Rotunda Window     ROM Leaded Glass outside     ROM Leaded Glass inside     ROM Gate flower     First Markham roof     St. Clements Cross    

St. Clements 21     St. Clements triangle     ROM Ceiling Angles     ROM Teak Mosque Screen     ROM Traditional Dancers     Welcome to Kensington Market     Kensington Market roof and trees     Kensington Market half roof 1     Kensington Market half roof 2     Kingston road News    

Kingston road Door     Mahamevna Dome     Mahamevna Dome 2     Victoria Square United Church     Victoria Square United Church 2     Victoria Square United Church postcard     Mnt Yuelu Academy roof     Great Wall of China - Mutianyu section     ROM Stairs and Candles     ROM Rotunda Ceiling again    

RCM Ihnatowycz Hall entrance     Strachan Ave Green     Sarnia Blue Water Bridge     Kingston Stone Flowers     Kingston Red Yellow     Yorkdale Ceiling     Ottawa Parliament Library     Connaught Building doors     ROM Leaded glass windows     St. Lawrence Hall    

Bernard Two with vines     Downsview 220     Kingston wall     Saint Andrews door     Great Hall     AGO Staircase curves 1     AGO Staircase curves 2     Don River blue architecture     Aquarium Tunnel     Aquarium stones    

Looking south from the Candy Factory Loft      Consumers Gas showroom skylight     203 Queen St East - cornice     The 1871 Berkeley Church     Shower in Green - Spadina House     Revolution Counter - High Level Pumping Station     Another gauge - High Level Pumping Station     Hare Krishna leaded glass window 1     Hare Krishna leaded glass window 2     Spadina House Dormers    

Spadina House south     Spadina House tree     Looking up at the High Level Pumping Station     Instagram: Soldiers Tower     Soldiers Tower ceiling     Soldiers Tower wall    
      Seaz     Dragon wall     Benefits of wallpaper     Static Orb     In memory of...     So far, and yet...     Roadway art     Cad Yellow     Blues and Greens     Pleasant Angel    

Pleasant Angel too     Bronze kids     Forest stare     Lady of the Assumption 1     Lady of the Assumption 2     Night light prayer     Statue stare     Winter statue 2     Cold shoulder     Cold boy    

Henry Moore 1     Henry Moore 2     60 years ago today     Norway 900     Rank grafitti     ROM Relief     Perpetually Soaring     The Archer - Three-Way Piece No. 2     Mills graffiti     Rosedale Valley Road graffiti 1    

Rosedale Valley Road graffiti 2     Mt. Pleasant Tory     G2 Face     Divine Servant     Butterfly Fish     Angel on red     Metropolis by David Partridge     Metropolis too     Love me... graffiti     Solar disco ball    

Car bomb - Sightseeing     Chinese Rail Workers Monument     Rock balance     Trumpeter Swan sculpture 1     Trumpeter Swan sculpture 2     Terry Fox memorial in Ottawa     Help     Sparks Street graffiti     Lensbaby sun     Elphin Apartments    

City Hall triangle     Pho cat     Joy by Bruce Garner     Red eye graffiti     Quay sun     Block head     Kitty Graffiti     Chaulk Chics     The letter 'Y'     Brickworks scream    

Smart in black     David is the ruler...     Alley Wheat     Alley Wheat too     Elephant city     Elephant close-up     A Step Beyond     Lightly Ascending spin     A Step Beyond too     Windswept Silhouette    

Windswept closeup     Sunnybrook lion     Bata art     Ocean Garage 1     In Transit Muse     Three Happy Valentines     electric sheep     POV-Ray front door     Watercolour     Black-light Sun    

Black-light Sun 2     Molasses Wall     Cannibal     AGO Wall Drawing #1157     Solaas - A Step Beyond too     Graffiti - Voss 1     Graffiti - Voss 2     Jesus. Window. Food.     Kingston. Swiss. Mural     Don Valley Nun    

Mother's Day Painting     Brickworks' B Dress     Brickworks Diamonds     Farm House by the Railroad     Kensington labyrinth     Kensington pen     Lakefront horse     Design Exchange Charles Comfort Mural     Brass elevator door with sun     Brass pattern    

Bench lean     Champlain at U. of T.     Andy Warhol's Red Disaster     Andy Warhol's Red Disaster too     Andy Warhol's Tunafish Disaster     Andy Warhol's Screen Test     Andy Warhol's Elvis 1 and 2 with hat     Fulford House fountain     Fulford House fountain too     Sarabande garden    

Bike Arch at Queens Quay     Bike Arch close up     everyone hurts     Commerce Court honey     Big little arch     Spadina bridge face     Spadina bridge yellow bird     Nine Dragon Mural lantern     Dragon Lair lantern     Heavenly Temple    

Heavenly Temple negative space     Towards Better Times     Nuit Blanche "Hold That Thought"     Nuit Blanche Park Hug     Nuit Blanche Fog     Nuit Blanche Fog too     OCAD Butterfield Park Stars     Peach Orchard Lantern Festival     Dragon Lair 2 - Lantern Festival     Attack of the Pandas - Lantern Festival    

Tyler Rock rocks     U. of T. mouse     Rank Advertisement     AGO Portraits     Faux Pollock     Man and balloon     Paintings Below Zero #1     Paintings Below Zero - posts     Paintings Below Zero - blue and green     Paintings Below Zero - height    

Paintings Below Zero - iceberg     Paintings Below Zero - Ice split     Paintings Below Zero - Orange     City Hall penguins     Napanee Stencil     Emily Carr Autumn in France     Emily Carr Grey     Arthur Renwick words     South African War Memorial     3 Swirling Paint    

Qbesq 3     Winston Park smile     Short and Tall     Collum Gillies     Hanlan monument     ROM Door 1931     Pigeon Mural 1     Pigeon Mural 2     Pigeon Mural 3     Gloucester Road Underground Panda    

Life is a Laugh     Lion on Old Brompton Road     RBS Nidus II     Fountain Lights     National Gallery fountain     National Gallery spider     Ottawa Angel     Ottawa flying     Tate Modern global Cities     Tate Modern lunch    

Tate Modern looking up     Newcombe House art     Camden Locks carved tree     Camden Locks bricks     Robin in Camden     vvvv Dynamic     Nuit Blanche Transmutations     Nuit Blanche Event Horizon     Nuit Blanche Noite de Sao Juao     Nuit Blanche Nails    

Dr. Sun Yat-sen by Joe Rosenthal     Windows     Cheltenham art     Cheltenham Trumpet     Cheltenham Minotaur     Stay...     Chinese 20 Yuan     Chinese 1 Yuan     Baird Tower     Baird Tower chimes    

Baird Tower head     Ludlow Castle face     Ludlow Well face     Ludlow Lion     Ludlow Cat doors     Ludlow Carving     Richmond Hill mail     From France to Toronto     Monster bridge     Lower Don BGL Buoy    

Lower Don BGL Buoy too     Lower Don BGL Nulle Part 2     Mandir wooden doors     Baps Haveli three faces     Baps Haveli horses     Baps Haveli people     Baps Haveli pray     Nursery mural     Party Mirror ( almost )     All Occu Will    

Cab looks     BGL Ship south     WEK Network     Ottawa BMO Thrift bas-relief     Blue Mountain Wreck Grille     Toronto Chinatown face     Toronto Chinatown figurines     Fancy Vegas Halloween     Las Vegas Bellagio Fountain     Las Vegas Bellagio Botanical Garden    

Las Vegas Bellagio flowered ceiling     Self portrait in the Bellagio flowered ceiling     Miracle Mile sign along the Vegas strip     AGO Cheesies and Rocks     AGO Zebra Crossing by El Anatsui     AGO HMS Hogue from the Thomson Collection     AGO Troop Landing Craft from the Thomson Collection     AGO Gehry New and Old     AGO Sin and Salvation - Awakening Conscience     AGO Sin and Salvation - the lean    

AGO Sin and Salvation - the shoulder     Holman Hunt -  Valentine Rescuing Sylvia from Proteus     Holman Hunt -  Wings     Holman Hunt -  Cyril B. Holman Hunt     Collingwood Ski Train Trees     Collingwood Ski Train Faces     Sarnia Robot     Sarnia Dog     Sarnia Face     Midland Bowling 2    

AGO Surreal Things Ballet     AGO Surreal Things Salvador Dali lips     AGO Surreal Things Ballet costume     AGO Surreal Things Perfume Shop     AGO Surreal Things Light by Isamu Noguchi     AGO Surreal Things Light2 by Isamu Noguchi     AGO Surreal Things Fish     ROM Lion     ROM Chinese Characters     ROM Giant Blue Head    

AGO Surreal Fabric 1     AGO Surreal Fabric 2     Chinatown tears     Stavro vault     Stavro bas relief     Stavro horse     Nature Girls     ROM C5 Glass     Parking Abstract     King Tut - Tawosret Royal Diadem    

King Tut - Leopard     King Tut - Statues     King Tut - Cobra Collar     King Tut - Hawk     King Tut - Canopic lid     King Tut - Mask of Psusennes I     King Tut - Queen Meritamun     King Tut - Amarna Princess     King Tut - Amenhotep IV     Four faces at Yonge and Eglinton    

Full moon at Yonge and Eglinton     Chinatown EGR Horus mural 1     Chinatown EGR Horus mural 2     Chinatown EGR Horus mural 3     Chinatown EGR Horus mural 4     Chinatown EGR Horus mural 5     Kaifu Si Temple statue     Chenzhou train station     Suxian Mountain monastery roof     Beijing Contemporary art neighbourhood - Factory 798    

Sarnia Skatepark Alien     Sarnia Skatepark Turnbull     Pensive: Henry Moore at the AGO     Shoulder: Henry Moore at the AGO     Helmet Head No. 2: Henry Moore at the AGO     Henry Moore Sketches     Henry Moore Reclining     Henry Moore Oval     3 points by Henry Moore      Shadows of Henry Moore     

El Anatsui at the ROM - red arrow     El Anatsui at the ROM - Straying Continents     El Anatsui at the ROM - Straying Continents 2     El Anatsui at the ROM - Crumbling Wall 1     El Anatsui at the ROM - Crumbling Wall 2     Thorn-puller at the ROM     ROM 'melon' coiffure     ROM Quilt     Chopin Maenads     Chopin Keyboard at the ROM    

Weston Room     Virgin and Child - Old Cathedral in Salamanca     AGO French shade     AGO Rotunda dude     Don Valley Path - Velcro face     Don Valley Path - Riverdale stairs     A.P. Coleman boots - Don Valley Brickworks     Black Eyed Susan by Sardella - Don Valley Brickworks     AGO AbEx - The Wild by Barnett Newman     AGO AbEx - Even the Centipede by Isamu Noguchi    

AGO Chagall - Spatial Equipment     AGO Chagall - Gota     AGO Chagall - Images of the War     AGO Chagall - Images of the War 2     AGO Chagall - Studio     AGO Chagall - Self Portrait     AGO Chagall - Draped Woman     ROM Romans     ROM Ciborium     AGO Picasso exhibit - calm    

AGO Picasso exhibit - frame     AGO Picasso exhibit - Fernande     AGO Picasso exhibit - Candle     AGO Picasso exhibit - Man and Goat     AGO Picasso exhibit - Man and Goat 2     AGO Picasso exhibit - Bull's Head     AGO Picasso exhibit - Stripes     Ottawa Postal Lions     Chinese Dragon finial (1631 Ming dynasty)     TTC Streetcar Art - Eglinton West Subway    

Inner face graffiti     ROM Ceiling Altar Shadows     Ossington Robot     Crucifixion and The Lamentation     The Laudario of Sant'Agnese     Folios from the  Laudario of Sant'Agnese     Peruzzi Altarpiece by Giotto     Noli me Tangere     Christ Enthroned from Carmina regia     Arrival of Saint Ursula at Cologne    

The Crucifixion by Pacino Di Bonaguida     Red wall - white door frame     Adelaide George Brown Mural 1     Adelaide George Brown Mural 2     Toronto Sculpture Garden Honda Civic car tower     Coupland Super Nova - Shops at Don Mills  tower     AGO Interview Location C     Woman in hat in front of Landscape with Rain     Simultaneous Windows - Robert Delaunay     Theo Van Doesburg    

Embracing Figures - Otto Gutfreund     Woman with a Fan - Jean Metzinger     Walking past     AGO Bacon Moore - Knife Edge     AGO Bacon Moore - Bull Fight frame     AGO Bacon Moore - Maquettes     AGO Bacon Moore - Sitting under the Bacons     AGO Bacon Moore - Sitting under the Second Version     AGO Bacon Moore - Knife Edge by Bullfight     Art Nouveau frieze - Spadina House Billiards room     

Hare Krishna Peacocks     Hare Krishna Column     Hare Krishna Frame     AGO Picturing the Americas: Deep red and gold frame     AGO Picturing the Americas: Pedro Blanes Viale
- Iguazu Falls     AGO Picturing the Americas: Dr. Atl - La sombra del Popo (The Shadow of Popo)     AGO Picturing the Americas: Tarsila Do Amaral - Postcard     AGO Picturing the Americas: Salon red wall     AGO Picturing the Americas: Grounded Icebergs    
      Red sky Yellow shirt     Simcoe fog     Mystery motorcycle     October Commute     October Bike Ride     October Tree     Florida screen     Yuelu academy     Red leaves     China chef    

Early morning run     Hard rock raceway     Blue car speed     Winter statue     Cold tree     NOT the      YE lights     Ice call     Ice waves     Beijing street market    

Beijing hair wash     Lensbaby snowsuit     Lensbaby sled     401 at night     Simcoe ice     Winter swing     Orange. And red.     Winter tree     February Commute     Napanee Mills (winter)    

Blue Zen     Yonge Street winter trees     Flight 111 landscape     Windshield star     The Peach Stone     Watching the grass grow     Five Chairs     Did you hear that?     Bruce Trail Fern     Cheltenham Badlands    

Niagara Escarpment wall     Ride for Heart Start     Ride for Heart CN Tower     Dinosaur shadow     Rusted. Park. Bug.     Brick Works potting shed     1931 Chevrolet truck reflection     Toronto Beaches montage     Georgian Bay sunset     Georgian Bay sunset Too    

Hey! Hay!     Hay! Hay! Hay!     Stop sign back     Georgian Bay Blue     Don Valley Sky     Rolleicord Trailer     Parliament Buildings sunset     Violet wall     St. Clair tree     Georgian Bay Path    

Beach Green Yellow Red     Flower slide     Tonys Billiards     Green. Duck.     Green. Duck. Again.     Highpark Pond     401 mist     Time Time Enlarged Area     Five Star blue     Napanee shed    

Mink's gourds     Napanee Rowboat     Autumn colours     Fishing trip     Autumn planter     Autumn bench     Autumn Brickworks     Barrel red     Parkhurst Flammable     Night Green 1    

Night Green 2     Winter Night Lights     Winter. Snow. Lights     Radio Blues     December sparkles     Winter night lights     Heading north     Private No parking     Glowing orb in the sky     Sun at work II    

Newburgh cemetery     Newburgh stones     Newburgh River     Napanee Countryside     Simcoe ice 2     Goodbye Winter     Solaas Florida screen     1970s vacation - water skiing     1970s vacation - shades     City stream    

Sandbanks Provincial Park chair     Cottage sunset table     Sharon Sunset     August Moon     Esso night     Big green field     Mountain bike mud     Red barn. Green tree. Blue sky.     Blue flower. Post     Nottawasaga Bluffs    

Niagara River Greens and Blues     Riverdale Alleyway     Riverdale 414516     Limehouse old Mill     Davisville TTC tracks     St. Clair Intersection     Pay phone faces     Beaches grass     Forest. Bare.     Yellow Moto    

Roof at 300mm     Clouds and light     Light and reflections     Sunnybrook Brook     Bayview Rubble     Early Spring     Extreme Windsurfing     ROM Traffic     Flower Walk     Flower Fence    

Rosedale parking     Balm Beach field     Balm Beach feather     Balm Beach flow     No Passing     Beaches Pond     October rays     Riverdale Park baseball diamond     Tiny Trail fog     Zinnia Yellow    

Dusk Blues and Pinks     Cheltenham Crescent Terrace     Happy Halloween!     Don Valley Fog     Winter NON-HDR     Lensbaby Flag     Cottage Icicles     Simcoe red hut     Simcoe teal hut     Rowden Mill train station bench    

Rowden Mill train post box     Rowden Mill train station lamp     Country Windows     Country Window too     Country Chair     Country Mushrooms     Balm Beach Ice Blues     Balm Beach Ice Sky     Dirty Ice     Taking the chopper to Blue Mountain    

Natural History Museum Warning     Natural History Museum Modern     Natural History Museum Drama     Sunnybrook bog     Art buzz 1-6     Bye Hawk     Bad Hawk     Toronto Beltline mist     Toronto Bikepath Route 45 south     Don Valley bikepath bikes    

Don Valley train     Cherry Beach window     Sunset with log in foreground     Toronto Chinatown door and produce     Thanksgiving Leaves     Thanksgiving Leaves in water     Credit Valley Tree DOF     Bruce Trail walkway angles     Scotsdale Farm pond     Scotsdale Farm guest house    

Scotsdale Farm barn     Yorkville Petals 1     Yorkville Petals 2     Yorkville Petals 3     Riverdale fence 2     Toronto Necropolis Arch     Sunset and waves     Beach couch     No Trash     Eglinton Park Yellow and Red    

Eglinton Park Red and Green     Ice. Water. Rock.     Niagara Falls Ice 1     Niagara Falls Ice 2     Niagara Falls Skylon Tower     Niagara Falls lamp post     Niagara Falls garden     Niagara Parks Police station     Autumn blue sky with red leaves     Georgian Bay Winter Sunset    

Markham Morning Fog     CN Tower from the east     Nathan Phillips Square sun and tree     Napanee Post Office     Snow on Georgian Bay Trees     Shopping cart snow     Balm Beach sunset (yet again)     Instagram: Alexander Muir snow     Alexander Muir Urn    
      No parking     Park Bench Highpark     After the rain     Domestic still life     Duct-tape boat     Halifax bow-line     What's the Frequency, Kenneth?     Blue and green, never to be seen     The gift     Antique vases    

Fallen vase     Bedford cones     Moss fence     Fall reds and greens     Basement faucet     Extreme brick     Light. Colour. Curves.     Night leaves     Night leaves too     November flowers    

Glowing glass pear     Lomo OJ     Brown pear stands alone     Gateway closeup     100th picture and counting!     November flowers revisited     Two lights     Cold night silhouette     Spiral shoes     Cold bud    

Merry Christmas     Family dinner     Six to twelve     Owl on green     Jester on green     Wizard on green     Sandbox, Snowbox     Jetta snow, Jetta snow, Jetta snow     Basketball in the snow     Diamonds    

Park Bench Highpark Winter     Backyard. Winter. Lensbaby.     Bad day for the snow-folk     R39     Waiting for spring     Jetta handle     Warm in the kitchen     Thoughts of summer nights     Green winter frog     Happy Chinese New Year    

Chinese 'Lucky girl'     Valentine's 2005     Kremlin never called     ABC 2 GHI 4     Made in Canada     Tulip closeup     Just one lens this time     Green star     Bathroom Blue     Night ice    

Night ice too     Wedding flower - take 3     I can shoot it...     Washer wires     Power flower     Bubble handle     Bottle bubble     Bowling star     Happy Spring!     Two lights    

Trek handle     Gold Blue Eyes     More Eyes     Bike and wire     Vespa Primavera in Blue     Vespa Primavera Handle     Queens Park chandelier     YYZ flight path     Brickworks Square 1     Brickworks Square Circles 2    

Brickworks Powerbox     Eglinton Dragon     Red. Pipes. Rust.     Red. Pipes. Fence.     Hot. Hot. Hot.     Flat. Shopping Cart.     Ladder Star Cross with snake     Echinacea close-up     Combo Lock 19     After the rain    

VW Van in green     Mount Hope crosses     Backyard sky with green ball     Golden Oldie     Night Sprinkler     Yellow mystery...     Bike helmet     Orange bead     Matsu Jewellery bangles     Orange flower power    

Koda     Alien flower     November flowers 2005     Sea Serpent     Frog Prince     Winter trash     Red door. White chair.     Just below freezing     Chinese New Years 2006     Tulips in the sun    

Blue Mercury     Napanee temperature     Laundromat Discs     Laundromat Tones     David Milne palette     David Milne paint box     Photoblog rust     Chinese bowl characters     Chinese bowl faces     Chinese bowl full    

Blue Spring Flowers     Don Valley U's     Blue Chevy lights     Blue Chevy Oval     Blue Chevy Grill     Mother's Day Tulips     May Two-four long weekend     St. George's star     St. George's face     Mackenzie King    

Cottage flowers     Farm post     Dragon boats and reflections     Orange Flower     Nuit Blanche spot light     Glendon Forest flower     Halloween Cold Beer     Not quite so close     Yorkdale Circle     Highway 401 doors    

Dr. Seuss hat     Eglinton Station wall     AGO Speaker     March Tulip     March Tulip Too     Centre Island Swan     Edwards Flowers     Edwards Rush     Beach chair. Garbage chair.     Ball at sunset    

Marsh flower     Sail and surf     Lens Baby Orange Chair     Fern n friend     Tiny Beaches Green     Shirley     Cake Swirll     Snow shoes     Winter brown     Simcoe Yellow Swing    

Balm Beach Garbage     Snow Tree DOF     Green Flowers 1     Green Flowers 2     Spring celebration     Don Valley post     Don Valley post too     Don Valley post three     Red Bike Trash     Bridge Count    

Flowers for being away for so long...     Red chair in later afternoon light     Summer glasses     Summer guitar     Blue Mountain Wreck Eye     Blue Mountain Ford One Ton     Blue Mountain Ford 686     Toronto Chinatown parade flags     Behind the shed in Winter     Fresh snow in the trees    

Capitol Theatre ceiling     Cottage Coffee Mugs     Cottage Flowers: Gladiolas     Cottage Flowers: Bee Balm     Yorkville green bike     MG Blue Boot     MG Blue Leaf     MG Blue Trees     Halloween 2009     Moet Champagne    

ROM Jadeite     Yamaha Guitar Neck     Yorkdale foodcourt pot and fire     High Level Schaffer and Budenberg    
      China self portrait     Long weekend     Guy     Costume hug     Crazy hat     Good cheer     Sitting on the stairs     B-O-N-N-I-E     Holding hands with flowers     Parenting blues    

3 generations     A frank Santa     Spotlight on caring     Ray of hope     Reflecting on two     A frank Santa too     Skydiggers. Gord Downie. Yellow Hat.     Lensbaby baby     By the tree     Fancy dress for a skate    

Happy Birthday to ME     Blue socks, brown shoes...     Cold once the sun's gone     China smile     Baby Matteo     Singing. Smiling     Four glass boxes     7K 4 10K     Little Blue Car     May Windsurfing    

Car bomb - Stare     Model... Rolleiflex... Model...     Eglinton Break Dance     Two lens portrait     Cherry Beach Kiteboarding     Happy Canada Day!     Changsha girl     Gulu Walk     War at City Hall     Flags to go    

Fountain stretch     Sparks Street Busker 1     Sparks Street Busker Clown     Chinatown Rock band     Sun. Water. One.     Fire portrait     China Truck     Three Presidents     Gayla Trail     Jester Smile    

70's Portrait     Halloween 2005 Kiss     Halloween 2005 glasses     In Transit Scene     Night Ballet     Science Centre Grid     Queen. Leafs. Snack.     David Milne preview at the AGO     Half of Istoica     Dogsled race start    

Dogsled race run     High Park smile     1970s jumper     May Windsurfing 2006     Rannie Singing at the Gladstone     Kensington Car-freedom     Kensington Digery-doo     Escalate     David Cronenberg talking about Andy Warhol     Beaches Jazz Festival Drummer    

Beaches Jazz Festival Harmonica     Beaches Jazz Festival Window     Bubble Faces     Gulu Walk 2006     Gulu Walk Camera     Photobooth montage (picture number 700!)     Photographer and grass     Karaoke Green Hat     Karaoke Strong     Moebius Silhouette    

Moebius Light     Moebius Closeup     Moebius Crowd     Ian Thom and camera     The CBC reporting on Emily Carr     Better days     Frank Gehry at the AGO     AGO Conversation     AGO Surreal Things curator     AGO Steichen Interview    

AGO Steichen Bend     Swell Season with Glen Hansard     Kensington Escalate 2010     Beijing Night Market      Xian Gates     AGO AbEx - MoMa Director Glenn D. Lowry     AGO AbEx - AGO Director under the spotlight     AGO AbEx - Photojunkie and White Light     AGO Picturing the Americas: Goodbye Mr. Teitelbaum    
      Chucks no longer     Tea anyone?     Sign and walker     Sound advice...     MO-dern     Sea Hi     Smile your...     Stop skiing ?     Vitos hours     Five doors    

Yuelu Academy sign     Good sin     Meat is Murder     Honey-ey     Taste of the Danforth     Lime sign     Avenue Road sign     Blue Mountain Rentals     Know your audience     Pig warning    

Bike lane. Not.     Kingsway Theatre     David Milne - art or ad?     Loreal Paris Beauty     Take out pig     Mundy Brothers perch     Bamboo Drapes     Richvale sign     Seafood Sign     Beaches Baseball sign    

Buckingham Cigarettes     No Tobogganing     Cranley mews sign     46A Flat No. 5     Boots Chemist     Resta     Canary Sign     Ludlow Parish Church     Carpenter Shop     AGO Contemporary sign    

Don Valley Brickworks - Toronto     Don Valley Brickworks - Brick     Kensington Market Art sign 1     Kensington Market Art sign 2     Kensington Good sign     St. Lawrence Market History     Ten Twenty Four ( 1024 Queen St W )     Capitol Letters    
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