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Photos from the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto
Objects and exhibits

ROM shadows on the ceiling ROM Jadeite Chinese Dragon finial (1631 Ming dynasty) Byzantine ciborium or canopy Roman busts with Greek inspiration French glass by by A. Becquerel 1300's Virgin and Child statue from Salamanca Wood interior with painting A geometric quilt Teracotta woman, possibly a muse, with a 'melon' coiffure common in the Hellenistic period - 275-250 BCE Hellenistic or early Roman sculpture - 'Head of a Youth' Thorn-puller Chinese characters A Chinese Lion outside the ROM Giant blue head by Navjot Altaf from Mumbai Repeating pattern in a display at the ROM
Fryderyk Chopin & the Romantic Piano

One of the two pianos on display Closeup of a maenad on a gilded bronze candelabrum

El Anatsui bottlecap hanging sculptures

Another view of Crumbling Wall by El Anatsui Crumbling Wall by El Anatsui Close-up of El Anatsui 'Continents' commissioned for the ROM Close-up of El Anatsui 'Continents' commissioned for the ROM Sign leading to the 2010 exhibit El Anatsui: When I Last Wrote to You about Africa AGO Zebra Crossing

Michael Lee-Chin Crystal

Construction on the roof of the ROM Crystal Construction on the roof of the ROM Crystal June 2nd opening of the new ROM Crystal The top of the Crystal, lit up for the grand opening Lots of traffic and people at the ROM renovation opening People enjoying the Vanity Fair exhibit at the ROM

The C5 Restaurant

The C5 restaurant at the top of the crystal Glass artwork in the restaurant

The historic building

One of the old leaded glass windows at the ROM A  beautiful old door from the 1931 addition to the building. One of the beautiful sculptures along the east side of the ROM Leaded glass window inside the ROM between the old and new A flower in the middle of an old metal gate

1933 Rotunda and Venetian glass mosaic ceiling

best view of the mosaic ceiling! Chandeliers with candles being set up in the 1933 Rotunda Another composite picture of the wonderful ceiling A composite of two photos of the wonderful ceiling Looking up at a pillar and the ceiling. The eastern ceiling of the rotunda A view of one of the pillars The top of one of the windows Leaded glass window looking over University Ave

( See more details on the Rotunda and gold Venetian glass mosaic at the ROM. )